How to Repair Large PST File?

Have you faced any situations in which the limited size of your PST file got exceeds? The PST file in MS-outlook contains all the emails, attachments, other files and configuration of the users. However, when the file exceeds its limited size, then it becomes corrupted and inaccessible by the user. Let’s see how to overcome from this problem.

MS outlook is the most widely used email client in the world. Generally, the application is used by an organization to manage the Outlook attributes exchange within the email client. Due to the massive amount of email accounts has to run on the MS exchange server or in the MS SharePoint server, all the data which is maintained received or transferred on the client is stored on the PST file. This makes much easier for accessing the data apart from making it portable. Sometimes when the users try to access the file, the following error message greets them:” quit all mail-enabled applications, errors have been detected in the file. It means that the PST file does not opened by the application as it has become corrupted or damaged. This has happened because the PST Outlook storage file has exceeded its appropriate size limit, which has been predefined by the application.

All PST or OST files, if they cross their prescribed size limit then it becomes corrupted and damaged which is unable to open by the application. Even after you run the scanpst.exe application, you will see the same error, because that file is not repaired. So therefore to keep PST file safe, you should know how to repair scanpst.exe fails in order to help you deal with this problem.

You might also receive a similar error message like "Can’t copy the items”, while trying to copy files. To reduce the amount of data in that files, you need to select some items that you no longer need, then delete it permanently.

The above error message occurs due to exceeding of Personal storage Table file size. To overcome from this problem, PST file repair tool is the awesome utility designed for repairing damaged PST file. Even it can resolve the obtainable extra-large file size also. However, you get the concluding error message when file size is just about to reach its limited size.

It is damp sure that many Microsoft Outlook users are looking at ways to get the maximum out of their favorite email client features. You look at ways in which you can get around the file size limits certain Outlook versions have. You may also wish there was a better way to optimize the performance of Outlook than having to prune precious email messages and attachments from the Inbox of outlook. Then you would like to know the simplest ways of accessing old email messages when you need them quickly. After all you should like to know how to fix Outlook PST problems, so as to recover email messages or other attributes of Outlook, that have been lost either due to accidental deletion or due to corruption in the PST files.

Scenarios that leads to corrupt PST files are:

Registry errors: These are often a leading cause of corrupt PST files. It is highly suggested that you scan your PC for errors. It will fix difficult registry entries that can cause registry errors and prevent new ones from occurring.

Data Storage Device Failure: For example, if your hard disk has some bad sectors and your Outlook PST file is stored on these sectors. Then maybe you can only read part of the PST file. Or the data you read are incorrect and full of errors.

 Unknown error 0x80040116, 0x80040119" or “0x80040600": These showed errors are most likely to occur because of the damage of Outlook PST or Outlook profile. It can be an upgrade related problem. If you upgrade, the process might in turn corrupt your PST mail profile.

Precautions to be maintained:

Try to split the PST file into multiple smaller parts usable independently with outlook. In addition to outlook 2002, PST splitter supports outlook 2003 and 2007. By breaking down larger PST files speed at which outlook responds and the time take by it to load files is increased.

Always take a backup of your PST file and store it in another location or drive, it is even better if you store the data in an external USB drive or a CD.

Instead of allowing PST files to grow very large in size, it is advisable to keep only active items in the file and moving the others to another folder. We will see how by simply copying unwanted items to a local folder, we can make PST files work more efficiently and make recovery efforts more effective.

Features of Repair Large PST software:

This versatile software has “Normal scan” and “Smart scan” button which helps to scan your PST in-depth with advanced search. This software can effectively recover mails from the broken PST file which may get corrupted due to fixed file size limit. It totally repairs and rescues your mails, Tasks, Contacts, Calendar & Notes items that have been lost due to corruption or damaged MS outlook PST file. It enables you to recover contacts from PST file.

Steps allow you to repair large PST files:

Step 1: Download and install this software and launch the application program in your system, then you will see the following window in that select FIND PST FILE button from the main screen.

How to repair PST- to find PST file

Step 2: Use the drive option to find PST file if it is not stored in default location, and then click on NEXT.

How to repair PST- selecting appropriate drive to find PST file

 Step 3: If you have different profiles for multiple users on your computer then the entire associated PST file will be listed here, thus you can select your PST file that needs to be repaired and click on NEXT button.

How to repair PST- selecting appropriate PST profile

Step 4: Select the appropriate scanning methods that allows Linear as well as extremely advanced PST repair mode, then click on REPAIR button; at last it shows repaired PST result.

How to repair PST- selecting type of scan and repairing the file