Repair Scanpst.exe Not Responding

How often do you face or have faced scanpst file not responding issue? Being one of the common users of Microsoft Outlook, if you have never faced such problems like Inbox repair tool fails or Microsoft Outlook failures then you are really lucky enough. But, there are many users who are not lucky enough or honored and face issues like PST file corruption very often and finally they may lose all their important email messages along with particular attachments.

As one of the frequent user of Microsoft Outlook email client, you may come across inbox tool error at any time; however, you don't have to get panic. If you really want to protect and recover all your important data stored in the Outlook PST file then you may need to take the help of fix Outlook PST tool which helps you to repair almost all the data which are in accessible after the PST file becomes corrupt.

Personal Storage File (PST) is the file format of MS Outlook that creates locally in your computer in order to save your drafts, emails, journals and contacts. One of the great features of this PST tool is that, whenever you start you’re MS Outlook the file is loaded every time. In fact, even after you have deleted any email or even lost any contacts, these files are still present in the personal folder. Though, there are times when PST file gets damaged just like any other file format. Maybe, there are chances that the PST tool of MS Outlook might corrupt due to number of reasons like sudden system shut down, virus attack, corruption of the PST header, damage of hard disk, exceeding maximum size limit, failure of MS Outlook. In such reasons you always rely on Inbox Repair (scanpst.exe) tool to repair the corrupt PST. But, if you are unable to do so, then you can always use repair error in PST file tool to fix PST file errors.

MS Outlook is advanced and has a secure database it still gets trapped by the errors that hamper its performance. If you have faced PST file corruption then you will come know, because MS Outlook will start working very slowly. Your program could start freezing or locking up on you. If you close the program suddenly, then you could actually make the corruption worse. When you see these symptoms, you need to get a recovery software program that helps you to fix outlook pst so that you should not take any risk that leads to losing of important information that you may have stored. Sometimes, corruption increase to such an extent that you lose your valuable Contacts from the database. In order to recover your contacts and to repair the corrupted PST files then you should know how to rescue PST contacts that solve all types of corruption related to PST files and retained your contacts easily. You may start getting various error messages, when your PST files get corrupted. Like; PST can't be accessed, File path cannot be found, unknown error 0x8004018 has occurred, not able to find .PST file.

The above errors are generally occurs due to various reasons which lead error in PST file, such as:

Improper shutdown of MS Outlook: Users may simply go into Task manager and kill Outlook.exe or suddenly pressing the power button directly on your computer to turn it off , or While accessing Outlook application if the system gets turn of unexpectedly there are chances of PST file corruption. Improper shutdown of system while Outlook accesses it is similar to the Outlook crashing.

Virus attack: Virus attack is one of the most common problems, which leads to loss of PST files. Viruses are destructive programs which are designed to destroy the files. Some viruses can also delete the files when they are executed resulting in loss of files. The best way to avoid virus attack is to use updated antivirus programs. Whenever the user share his/her file with another users, keep in mind that the attached macro or script is included with the file which may corrupt your Outlook PST file.

Faulty Networking Device: For example, the Outlook PST file resides on the network server, and you try to access it from a client computer, via network links. If the network interface cards, cables, routers, hubs and any other devices constituting the network links have problems, then the remote access of the PST file may make it corrupted.

Precautions to be maintained:

If you don't take proper steps you may suffer from data loss. So, try to take a backup of your Outlook  Be alert when you are sharing files, and scan the files completely with an antivirus program before you open them. You can choose from many antivirus application vendors.

Always close your MS Outlook a long time before shutting down your Computer (Or) Open Task manager and make sure that Outlook.exe is not there before shutting down your PC.

Supported Advanced Features:

It will repair any broken PST file that it finds. This software exports recovered files automatically to MS Outlook. Also know about how to repair PST file on Outlook 2007 by using this software. It will allow you to restore corrupted PST files into a new file with the extension of PST, DBX, MSG, or EML. It will repair any damaged PST file headers. It enables you to repair large PST file.

These detailed Steps will help you to fix your scanpst.exe when it is not working:

Step 1: Start downloading the software and run application program in your PC, select OPEN PST FILE button or if you don’t know the default path of PST then click on FIND PST FILE button from the main screen to search your PST file.

How to repair PST- to find PST file

Step 2: Select your PST file that needs to be repaired and In case your PST file is not located in the default stored location, then use this browse option to search your PST file(s), then Click on NEXT.

How to repair PST- searching for corrupted PST file

Step 3: Select a destination folder with an appropriate scanning methods in which you can select as per your requirements then click on REPAIR button; finally it displays your repaired PST summary as shown below.

How to repair PST- Displaying the results of repaired PST files