Restore Contacts from PST File

By default, Microsoft Outlook stores all of your personal attributes like messages, contacts, calendar items, and tasks in a personal storage folder or a .pst file, which is saved on your hard disk drive. Here each and every attribute plays a very important role in PST file, however user can not able to remember the contact information of other users, because each and every contact may differ from each other. For example many Outlook users may have created contact groups like private contacts, office contacts and college contacts etc. in their profile. What happen, when you loss such contact groups? Is there any way to recover it?

In order to understand better, let us consider a scenario, just imagine you have recently bought a new smart phone/laptop and were experimenting with syncing. While syncing it appears that it has deleted many of your Outlook contacts, you are not sure why, but they are gone.

You do a regular backup of the PST to safe all attributes of MS Outlook from corruption or loss, but you are not able to figure out how to recover just the contact information out of that backup. Don’t be panic, it’s a technological world, to avoid such situations and to recover all deleted/lost contacts you should know how to fix Outlook PST error.

This .pst file can be used to either restore or move your Outlook data in the event that you unexpectedly lose contacts, experience a hardware failure, or if you need to transfer data from one computer to another. In addition, you may have a personal address book that contains contact information not included in your Outlook Address Book or contact list. While the Outlook Address Book is stored in a .pst file, the personal address book is saved in a separate file on your hard disk with a .pab file extension. To restore all your contacts and repair all your attributes if it is corrupted there is an application software which discovers how to fix Outlook PST.

For most people Outlook is just for sending and receiving e-mail, but once you get hang of the contact manager, you can really expand the functionality of Outlook quite extensively. Outlook Contact Manager is a fast and efficient way to handle all your contacts and manage appointments with those people. The newer versions of Outlook contain a number of useful features that are aimed at business related functions but can also be used to help streamline your personal life as well.

MS Outlook is a lot more than a simple email application and contact storage application. It's a complete package, that other than exchanging emails and contacts, provides every facility to its users at one place like it allows users to synchronize their calendars, schedule meetings and appointments, make notes of important points, prepare journal entries, and maintain tasks and to do lists and many more.
 just think about managing a work with certain advanced attribute of MS outlook, what happen when suddenly inbox repair tool stops responding due to its oversized limit?  Not to worry, to overcome from this problem you should learn how to fix pst when scanpst.exe not working.

There are several helpful signs which indicate that your MS Outlook Contact manager might fail and thus you could lose your essential Contact information’s. These signs include the following:

Oversized PST: Every versions of Outlook PST has its own size limit, exceeding the limited size of Outlook database may cause PST file error. When the PST files get oversized, then Outlook takes a lot of time to open any file stored in it and in some cases it might take an eternity before the file gets open. The problem becomes frustrating when we try to access emails or contacts because every time the database gives some kind of error messages. However, you can repair large pst fileby using this PST file repair toolkit.

Due to compacting PST files: Many MS Outlook users compact their PST files. If you are compacting your PST file after clearing out thousands of emails. Compacting has been running for about five hours. You won’t get an error message, but occasionally it says, "Outlook not responding." But then the message goes away. When the program is too busy to respond to Windows, you get this "not responding" error message However, there are cases when interruptions occur during the compaction process, and in this case, a lot of data will be lost.

Installing a new OS: After formatting your drive and performing a clean installation of an Operating System you may lose your Outlook data. Because your PST file will be exist in default “C” drive location, and hence while formatting the drive you may lose your complete information including contacts from your MS Outlook PST.

Precautions to be taken care off:

No one is perfect and we all commit mistakes. So you should be careful in deleting or overwriting your contacts. What you can do is make a backup of your computer's hard drive. Even when the system crashes, you still have your saved files and if you delete files.

Always close your MS Outlook a long time before shutting down your Computer (Or) Open Task manager and make sure that Outlook.exe is not there before shutting down your PC.


PST restore contacts tool provides you two recovery modes (Normal Mode and Smart Mode) to help you quickly repair the tainted Outlook PST file. This tool scans the tainted .pst file and retrieves the mail items into new thriving .pst file which are ready to use with Microsoft Outlook email client. This software furthermore helps you to fix PST file on Outlook 2007 installed on all the latest versions of Windows operating systems. This program helps you to retrieve your lost Microsoft outlook Contacts back.

Please follow these steps to restore your contacts from PST file:

Step 1: Download this app and run application program in your PC, select OPEN PST FILE button or if you don’t know the default path of PST then click on FIND PST FILE button from the main screen to search your PST file.

How to repair PST- to find PST file

Step 2: Select your PST file that needs to be repaired and In case your PST file is not located in the default stored location, then use this browse option to search your PST file(s), then Click on NEXT.

How to repair PST- searching for corrupted PST file

Step 3: Select a destination folder with an appropriate scanning methods in which you can select as per your requirements then click on REPAIR button; finally it displays your repaired PST summery as shown below.

How to repair PST- Displaying the results of repaired PST files