How to Fix Error in PST File

Getting error in Outlook PST file is a quite common. If you run scanpst.exe, it carries out numerous tests. Create a backup of the original PST file, if it blunders upon errors and then it corrects the errors.

Occasionally the corruption may be occurred due to the oversized pst i.e. when the size of the PST file increases beyond its limit then there will be a chance of getting data loss. So keep the size minimum by saving the mails to your PC or maintaining different folders to save emails. Even compaction leads to damage of emails from your Microsoft Outlook email client.

If you find that your PST files are severely damaged or corrupted and if you want to protect and repair all the important data stored in the PST file then you may need to take the help of reliable repair tool like pst repair utility which will helps you to repair pst file and recover your data that are inaccessible when the pst file becomes corrupt. This software will also enable you to repair pst after scanpst.exe error.

It is quite obvious that you will encounter a problem while accessing Outlook. In reality, all software application can create trouble at certain point of time. If you use any of the Microsoft Outlook products, like Outlook 2002, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, or Outlook 2010 with Operating Systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, or with Windows 7, you may get error message box in front of your window. You may get one of the following error messages like: An unknown error has occurred. 0x80040119 or 0x80040600.When you are trying to read email in the Microsoft Outlook or when you click Send/Receive option. You may also receive error message like "Messaging interface has caused an unknown error", once you are trying to delete email. In order to fix those problems, first you would need to download this software to know how to repair PST file in outlook.

These error messages indicate the corruption issue in PST file. A PST (Personal Storage Table) file is a personal-folders file that stores your email messages, contacts, notes, calendar items, and other user data. Due to the above errors there are more chances of losing your contacts from PST file also. “Not to worry” this issue can be resolved using repair PST software, which are specially developed to deal with such troubles. It also helps you to restore Outlook contacts, which will analyze and restore your contacts with efficiency.

The main causes to corrupt PST files are as follows:

Terminate Outlook Abnormally: In normal situation, you should quit Outlook gracefully by saving all your changes to the PST file and then clicking "Exit" or "Close" menu item. However, if Outlook is shut down abnormally when you are opening and accessing the PST file, then the PST file is prone to corrupted or damaged. This can happen if power failure mentioned above occurs, or if Outlook is busying in doing something and you terminate it by click "End Task" in Windows Task Manager, or if you turn off the computer without quitting Outlook and Windows normally.

Incorrect File System Recovery: You may find it is incredible that a file system recovery may cause PST file corruptions. But in fact, sometimes when your file system is broken, and you try to install a new Operating System you may hire a data recovery tool or expert to recover the PST files on it, the files recovered may still be corrupt, because, due to the file system disaster, some parts of the original PST file are corrupted. This makes the final salvaged PST file incomplete or inaccessible.

Virus or Other Malicious Software: Many viruses will infect and damage the Outlook PST files or make them inaccessible. It is highly recommended to install quality anti-virus software for your Outlook email system.

Actions to be avoided:

Keep a backup of your Outlook PST files at least once a week, in some cases daily. By keeping a backup of your files, it is easy to fix errors in the case of a corrupt or lost file by your own.

Try to split the PST file into multiple smaller parts usable independently with outlook. In addition to outlook 2002, PST splitter supports outlook 2003 and 2007. By breaking down larger PST files speed at which outlook responds and the time take by it to load files is increased.

Attractive Features of fix PST error Software:

If your files get damaged during compact then this software will help you to fix the problem. Fix PST tool has an option to locate your PST file, if it is not stored in a default location. It facilitates to repair multiple PST files for multiple users on a single Computer. This flexible software can fix your damaged/ corrupt/ inaccessible PST files. Such recovered valuable Outlook items will adversely affect your professional as well as personal life. PST repair tool helps you to recover emails, tasks, journals, calendar and notes also. This Software enables you to know how to repair large PST file.

Below mentioned are the complete steps to be followed to repair .pst file:

Step 1: Download this utility tool and launch application program in your System, if you know the stored location of your PST then select OPEN PST FILE button or else click on FIND PST FILE button from the main screen to search your PST file.

Step 2: Select your PST file that needs to be repaired and In case your PST file is not located in the default stored location, then use this browse option to search your PST file(s), then Click on NEXT.

How to repair PST- searching for corrupted PST file

Step 3: Select a destination folder with an appropriate scanning methods in which you can select as per your requirements then click on REPAIR button; finally it displays your repaired PST summery as shown below.

How to repair PST- Displaying the results of repaired PST files