Backup Microsoft Outlook Registry

What is Outlook registry?

When you install Outlook application on your system, a file will be created in which all the configuration and settings of Outlook is stored. This file is stored on your system under the registry folder and known as Outlook registry. This file is used as reference when you run Outlook and any changes or modification to this file can lead to corruption of your Outlook application. Thus if you are making any changes to this file then you should be careful otherwise it can impact other programs as well.

Why to backup Outlook registry?

This is really an interesting question that why one needs to backup Outlook registry. Well, the reason behind taking backup of Outlook registry is to handle the unforeseen situation where your registry file is deleted by accident or any unrequired modification has been done. If you have taken backup of your registry file then it would be easy to get rid of problem arises due to deletion of Outlook registry.

How Outlook registry gets deleted? 

If you are using computer’s inbuilt Registry Editor to delete some useless registry, then by mistake you may end up with deleting Outlook files from Registry folder. Thus, it is always good to have backup of registry file before performing any type of deletion operation.

What are the disadvantages of not having backup of Outlook registry?

As I have earlier mentioned that if you do not have a legitimate backup of Outlook registry then you might land in an unexpected situation in case your original registry is deleted in an accident or by any third party software.

How to backup Outlook Registry?

To backup registry of Outlook you have to go to Registry folder of your computer which is stored on hard drive and from this folder you can find and select Outlook Registry. This is bit lengthy process and takes time and requires skill. Hence, you should make use an application which is capable to create backup of your Outlook registry quickly in just a few click of mouse.

Remo MORE is such type of tool which is famous for taking backup of Outlook registry. It is developed on the top of a robust algorithm which is designed by highly professionals.  It gives you facility to backup registry files in just a fraction of seconds. It scans your whole system with its highly effective algorithm and then generates a safe and secure backup of Outlook registry files.

It has been appreciated across the globe for its better performance and comes free of cost.  It has a nice suite designed by qualified software industry experts and makes it simple and easy in use. You will get step by step guide with respective screenshots of this application.

Steps to backup Outlook resgistry:

Step 1: Download Remo MORE app and run on your PC, select Optimize option and then select Resgistry Cleaner from the main screen and then select Backup Registry as shown in figure 1.

How to Backup Outlook Registry - Select Backup Registry

Figure 1: Select Backup Registry

Step 2:Select Create Backup option from this screen to create Outlook backup as shown in figure 2.

How to Backup Outlook Registry - Select Create Backup

Figure 2: Select Create Backup

Step 3: After this MORE will starts backing up process of Outlook registry as shown below.

How to Backup Outlook Registry - Creating Backup

Figure 3: Creating Backup

Step 4: Once the backup is created you can preview the backup files as shown in figure 4.

How to Backup Outlook Registry - Preview Registry File

Figure 4: Preview Registry File