How to Repair PST File?

  • A powerful tool, provides an solution how to repair pst and easily repair Outlook PST file to recover attachments including the documents, images and other Outlook data.
  • Allows you to repair when scanpst.exe not working
  • Read-only, easy and safe to use email repair utility.
  • Supports to repair PST files after exceeding the limited size.

What happen? If your PST crashes suddenly and how to repair pst?

You might have experienced like improper working or non-responsive behavior, sudden crashes and many more difficulty in accessing Outlook PST file. Such oversize PST issues occur quite repeatedly although compressing and archiving the file leads to decrease in file size. If you have faced any such issues you may think of how to repair pst and now it has become much easier as by using of PST file, like incapability to start or send/receive emails can be repaired immediately.

The most common problem faced by the Outlook users throughout the world is PST crash. Now a days, users utilize their email client to manage one or more email accounts and also store business information as well as personal, in the form of emails, notes and calendar schedules. Email client like Outlook also gives users the option to work offline.

How to repair PST file?

Though, we have discussed early that, MS Outlook PST file contains drafts, emails, contact, calendar, notes, appointments which are important for both personal usage and as well as for business related process. Instead of being protected, there is no way out, such kind of problems can always be prevented. The most common among user is Issues and inaccessibility problems taking place on account of improper way of knowing how to repair pst file is common among users. The main cause of PST crash is exceeding its maximum file size limit. Although the PST file can store unlimited data by default, it does not mean that you should store unlimited data in it. Once the limited size of the PST file exceeds the threshold in most cases, Outlook will begin to show abnormal behaviors like giving a long pause whenever you try to send, receive and delete emails. Apart from this the file size has been a problem in Outlook PST file mainly for lower editions including Outlook 2007.

If you store more data in your Personal folder file, MS Outlook will start to hang up while performing any operation. In most cases people get frustrated by this and close the whole application abruptly or restart the computer. At this stage the PST file is at highest risk and may become corrupt in the process and will eventually require repairing the Personal folder file.But people may dont no how to repair pst when these type of scenario happened with them. If something like this happens, you can always repair Personal storage table files by using repair PST too large software.

An important point to be noted here is that you cannot see the scanpst.exe tool in the Windows start program menu and need to find it manually using the Windows search bar. You need to type scanpst.exe in the search box and within a fraction of seconds you will see the tool appear in the right hand side of the Windows search screen. If you want to repair PST file with the scanpst.exe tool all you need to do is browse the damaged.pst file and rest of the things will be taken care by your tool. How to repair pst can be no such questioning anymore with the arrival of repair PST file tool and also the inbuilt outlook tool scanpst.exe tool and in most cases the lost data gets recovered. However, in almost all situations it won’t recover lost data for that you may require knowing about how to fix error in .pst file.

Using scanpst.exe is the most effective way of damage control in case of a Personal folder file crash and also the first step one should take. However, in many cases scanpst.exe is only able to recover a fraction of the damaged file or in worst case scenario is not able to recover any data at all. This can put a user in a disastrous state of mind how to repair pst and also whether if he/she sent and received important personal and confidential data over Outlook.

How to repair pst when it is corrupted or damaged?

Corruption inside the PST file header: You will not be able to open the mailbox folder or other data stored in Outlook. The system will also give error messages such as Quit all mail-enabled applications, It may display like “use the Inbox Repair Tool, error have been detected in the file." To make Outlook functional again you need to repair Outlook.

Corruption caused while compacting: Some MS Outlook users compact their PST files. However, there are cases when interruptions occur during the compaction process, and in this case, a lot of data will be lost If it happened with you, then you may of think how to repair pst so that you can come out of the issue.

Version incompatibility problem in Outlook: When you try to import the .pst file of an earlier version into Microsoft Office Outlook 2003. This behavior of Microsoft Outlook might take place. The Outlook 2003 supports Unicode file formats and multilingual data. The PST files of earlier version, such as Outlook 2002, 2000 and 98 do not support multilingual data and are not in Unicode format.

How to Repair PST File Easily:

A PST file should be taken care of as when it gets damaged all information stored in will be lost and it is very hard to get them recovered.

It is advisable to regularly copy information in the PST file and store it in another location or drive, it is even better if you store the data in an external USB drive or a CD.

While Importing Outlook PST into earlier or latest versions, first thing you have to do is save the PST file as the PST of Outlook version depending upon which you are trying to import. Afterwards, export the Outlook .PST file, which is compatible to earlier or latest versions of Outlook file. For particular version of Microsoft Outlook, import the new Personal Storage file. However, this method might help you to effectively import or export the PST file, but in certain conditions the version incompatibility might cause severe PST corruption and data loss conditions. In such situations, if you want to know how to repair pst and restore damaged PST file then you need PST repair tool to know how to fix error in .pst file to get your valuable data back.

Repair PST software Provides Solution to How to Repair PST File:

Repair PST Software is a high-end utility that can repair your corrupted PST and create a new file to extract all e-mails, calendar items, notes, contacts, etc. The PST Repair Tool supports MS Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000. This software enables you to restore contacts from PST file easily. This tool performs a scanning of damaged PST file carefully and locates lost emails. It allows you to repair PST file for multiple Outlook profile also. This software helps you to search for PST files on your computer if you don’t know the stored location.

New Updates:

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How To Repair PST file, you need to perform just a few simple steps:

Step 1: Install and run application program in your system, select FIND PST FILE button from the main screen.

How to Repair PST- to find PST file

Step 2: In case your PST file is not located in the default stored location, then use this drive option to search your PST file(s), then Click on NEXT.

How to Repair PST- selecting appropriate drive to find PST file

Step 3: There are two appropriate scanning methods in which you can select as per your requirements then click on REPAIR button; finally it displays your repaired PST summary as shown below.

How to Repair PST- Displaying the results of repaired PST files